F Lock Screen 1.4.3

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F Lock Screen is a new type of lock screen for easy-unlocking the phone.

Update(June 1, 2011)
* improve stability and reduce battery consumption

Are you satisfied with your lock screen?
If you aren't, let's try our application!
F Lock Screen is a new type of lock screen for easy-unlocking the phone.

Following problems often come up with the lock screen:
Tired of inputting the same pattern EVERY TIME when use
Unable to adopt simple “sliding-bar lock screen” because of security worries

Our F Lock Screen solve these problems by providing the easy way to unlock while keeping the security at a certain level to others.

A password lock screen is shown when the phone is back from the sleep. This means a phone seems to be locked at a glance.
However, this lock screen is NEVER BROKEN with any phrases, while it responds to the input. The solution to unlock the phone is to touch the specific area on the screen or just press the HOME button, not to input the correct password.

[Functional Comparison]
 F Lock Screen > sliding-bar lock > password lock
 password lock > F Lock Screen > sliding-bar lock

Please disable security lock function if you set.

Configuration procedure:
 1. Launch this application from the application list
 2. Change [Unlock mode] setting
 3. Check [Enable F lock screen]

Execution procedure:
 1. Turn off the back light by pressing POWER button or doing something
 2. Return from the sleep by pressing POWER button again or doing something..Then this application starts automatically.
 3. “password lock screen” is displayed
 4. Unlock it by the operation specified in the Configuration section above.

* This application does not a one which ensures the security of your phone. We don't owe any losses occurred by using this application or caused by the security being broken by others due to the use of this application.
* This application uses modules licensed by “Apache License 2.0”. To refer to its sentence, please contact us by e-mail.

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